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Void and Reversal in Settlement
Void/Reversal in Settlement

The system allow settlement that are created to be void. When a settlement is void, a reversal settlement will be automatically created. The reversal settlement will be created with settlement status “Reversal”.

To Void a settlement,

  1. Identify the settlement that require to be void from the settlement view. In this example, it will be a Final Receivable Settlement of amount $24,823,400 from with Counterparty Trader 6.
  2. Settlement Void Reversal Settlement Selection

  3. Click on "Edit" button and change the status of the settlement from “Pending” to “Void” and click “Save”.
  4. Settlement Void Reversal Settlement Void

  5. Once the settlement is saved, the system will generate a reversal settlement of the same amount.
  6. Settlement Void Reversal Settlement Reversal

To enable Void/Reversal function in your environment, kindly contact CoreTRM Support.

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