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CoreTRM provides a unique out of the box experience – preconfigured for LNG, Crude Oil & Petroleum Products Trading based on best in class business processes.



The Customization process is simply about a more comprehensive tuning of CoreTRM to reflect the full suite of reference data and processes that are unique to your company.



The data integrity and expandability offered by CoreTRM’s dynamic client data model allow CoreTRM to be easily extended to reflect your organisations specific functionality. No coding required.


Authorize other applications to securely and seamlessly access your organization's CoreTRM data via the API.


A modern enterprise solution: What is CoreTRM?

CoreTRM has been designed based on best in class commodity trading processes. CoreTRM has the ability to accurately capture, operate, value, settle and manage the central components of physical and derivative transactions, open positions and fees.

CoreTRM is designed to handle even the largest of enterprise user bases but you can start small and expand at your own pace.

  • Real-time
  • Instant trial
  • Pre-configured
  • Instant risk analysis
  • Comprehensive reporting

Latest Technology

CoreTRM is a dynamic open API-first cloud CTRM / ETRM solution built using the very latest Microsoft ASP.NET Core technology. It comes with a secure responsive HTML5 web interface which adapts to any device screen size.

  • Cloud-based
  • APIs and Webhooks
  • Secure, robust and high-performing

Built with a best in class commodity trading
and risk management business process mindset

CoreTRM is an exciting CTRM / ETRM platform which transparently integrates Front, Middle and Back office activities for multiple commodities.

For Traders

Seamlessly allows for complex deal capture and price modelling, including trigger pricing, formula pricing, margin share, floor/ceiling concept.


For Operators

CoreTRM utilises a ‘Deadline and Alert’ system to allow operators to sequentially programme all aspects of cargo operations.


For Compliance
& Middle Office

Allows for Multi-level interrogation of profit and loss, exposure, activity by audit trail, approved customer controls.


For Trading Management

A multi-dimensional view of Profit and Loss, exposure, deal changes and new commitments.


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