About CoreTRM

CoreTRM Pte. Ltd. is a privately owned company based in Singapore.

CoreTRM is an exciting new platform designed with a state of the art approach to software deployment.

Cloud based, extendible, easy to configure, full open API, once through processing – Trade to Invoice.

CoreTRM has been designed and developed by the CEO and founder Ron Garden. Through CoreTRM Ron has been able to combine his unique global experience in CTRM systems design and implementation.

Ron has over 20 years experience covering both in-house and vendor-based trading systems including coding the real-time and end-of-day valuation processes of one of the world's largest in-house trading systems. More recently he developed an online technical analysis and backtesting application which uses proprietary in-memory techniques to process thousands of technical calculations with sub-second response times. CoreTRM is a modern, API, cloud, and web based approach to CTRM which is the culmination of this experience.