CoreTRM is an exciting CTRM / ETRM platform which transparently integrates Front, Middle and Back office activities for multiple commodities.

Built with a best in class commodity trading and risk management business process mindset - CoreTRM features state of the art software deployment and seamless version control. CoreTRM is responsive, Cloud based, API-first, fast to roll out, easy to configure, and extendible.
CoreTRM is built with full data disaggregation in mind.


For Traders

Seamlessly allows for complex deal capture and price modelling, including trigger pricing, formula pricing, margin share, floor/ceiling concept. CoreTRM allows a timely and responsive multi dimensional view of exposure and trade profitability

For Operators

CoreTRM utilises a ‘Deadline and Alert’ system to allow operators to sequentially programme all aspects of cargo operations. The operator has a full line of sight to all aspects of cargo and vessel operations – including control of cost allocation and actualisation, Letter of Credit and payment security control, documentary instructions, load quantities, demurrage tracking and reconciliation. Final and Provisional invoicing, laycan finalisation.


For Compliance and Middle Office

Allows for Multi-level interrogation of profit and loss, exposure, activity by audit trail, approved customer controls. Compliance and Middle Office are able to see all new commitments and deal changes. Middle Officers have full control on the price import function. From daily settlement pricing through to the forward curve prices. The disaggregation functionality of Core allows Middle Officers to audit all elements contributing to changes in profitability.

For Trading Management

A multi-dimensional view of Profit and Loss, exposure, deal changes and new commitments. Allows an overlay of exposure limits and other control mechanisms to flag exceptional activity.