Insights : Pertamina International Marketing & Distribution Pte. Ltd. (PIMD) has implemented the CoreTRM cloud-based platform

Jun 2021

June 2021

CoreTRM Pte. Ltd., the Singapore-based provider of commodity trading and risk management system (CTRM) solutions, today announced that Pertamina International Marketing & Distribution Pte. Ltd. (PIMD) has successfully implemented the CoreTRM cloud-based platform to manage their trading activities.

Based in Singapore, PIMD is a wholly owned subsidiary of PT Pertamina (Persero), an Indonesia state-owned company engaged in energy sector including oil, gas, and new and renewable energy. The business is primarily focussed on fuel bunker and petroleum products trading, also aims to serve as the hub for Pertamina’s expansion in downstream marketing international business.

PIMD Managing Director, Agus Witjaksono, said “CoreTRM provided an impressive project team with a deep understanding of the business and a tireless desire to ensure that we got maximum benefit from the implementation. In the current environment it has been particularly impressive to see how the CoreTRM team has adapted to having limited time on-site without impacting on the quality of delivery. In just a few months CoreTRM have successfully installed and configured the system covering all our Trading, Risk Management and Operations requirements.”

“PIMD’s vision was to implement a single CTRM system that allowed all members of our team to efficiently manage their jobs within the same system. It was important to us that we achieve real-time transparency in the business so that our traders and operators could make timely and accurate decisions based on the very latest information. CoreTRM have delivered on this vision within the promised timeline and budget and we are delighted with the results.”

PIMD conducted a thorough review of the CTRM solutions to ensure that they selected a system that could meet the current and future needs of the business. CoreTRM was selected due to the depth of functionality, the cutting-edge technology and the glowing customer references.

The CoreTRM platform is a modern approach to the development, deployment and delivery of CTRM systems. The unique design of CoreTRM means that the product is delivered as a fully functioning system but can be easily extended both during the implementation, and after as client needs change, with little or no code required. The secure API provides easy connectivity to client in-house applications, as well as CTRM-related products such as know your customer, advanced analytics, and regulatory. CoreTRM is a cloud-based platform which benefits from true cloud features such as dynamic resource scaling and disaster recovery. CoreTRM can also be delivered as a private segregated deployment if required.

“CoreTRM are delighted to have successfully implemented PIMD’s new CTRM system. With the help of PIMD’s team, we were able to deliver a solution that exceeded expectations within the time and budget agreed just a few months ago. The focus of CoreTRM remains firmly on the principles of Customer Success and we look forward to maintaining our relationship with PIMD in the long-term,” said Ron Garden, Founder and Architect CoreTRM Pte. Ltd.