Insights : CoreTRM’s Approach to Low-Risk and Efficient CTRM Implementations

Mar 2024

In the world of Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM), the term "implementation" is often synonymous with never-ending delays and unforeseen challenges. Legacy vendors, with their complex and rigid systems, are notorious for their arduous implementation process. At CoreTRM, we pride ourselves not only on delivering swift CTRM implementations, but also going above and beyond to deliver on our clients’ sophisticated business requirements.

The question arises: How do we achieve this feat?

Cloud-Based SaaS Infrastructure

A foundational element of our success lies in our commitment to a modern Cloud-Based Software as a Service (SaaS) infrastructure. Unlike traditional on-premise solutions, our cloud-based approach allows for quicker deployment, seamless scalability, and easy accessibility. This modern architecture lays the groundwork for a CTRM platform that can evolve and adapt to your growing business needs.

Nimble Feedback Loop Process

At the heart of our implementation strategy is a nimble feedback loop process. This iterative approach allows us to gather input, refine, and enhance the platform in real-time. This ensures that we can swiftly respond to evolving requirements and unexpected challenges, fostering an environment of constant improvement throughout the implementation process.

Out-of-the-Box System with Built-In Core Functionality

While legacy vendors often present a blank canvas that requires extensive customization, CoreTRM takes a different approach. Our platform is designed to be out-of-the-box yet robust, with built-in core functionality. This ensures that the essential features for commodity trading are readily available.

However, we understand that each business has their unique operational needs. This is where our skilled implementation team can work their magic and customise the platform to your needs.

Skilled and Dedicated Implementation Team

CoreTRM boasts a team of skilled and dedicated professionals, each equipped with extensive experience in CTRM/ETRM implementations. Our team possess a nuanced understanding of the complexities involved in commodity trading, enabling them to navigate challenges efficiently. This ensures that you benefit from a smooth and streamlined implementation.

The CoreTRM’s Advantage

In a landscape cluttered with legacy systems, we strive to transform your CTRM/ETRM experience. Our platform is not just scalable and extendible; even after go-live, the platform can be continually tailored to your needs, ensuring that your investment remains future-proof.

In essence, the CoreTRM approach to swift CTRM implementation is a synergy of modern infrastructure, agile processes, a robust system, and a dedicated team.

Experience CTRM like never before

As an industry first in the CTRM/ ETRM space, CoreTRM offers a 14-day instant trial, granting you access to our core functionality within seconds. Take the first step toward optimised trading operations by starting your trial today.