Insights : Risk Management in Commodity Trading: CoreTRM's Feature Breakdown

Nov 2023

In the fast-paced world of commodity trading, effective risk management is paramount.

Discover how CoreTRM's risk management features can help you navigate complexities and optimise your operations:

1. Efficient Trade Approvals & Operations Management

Simplify trade approvals with configurable processes tailored to your needs. Our comprehensive audit log ensures transparency and compliance. Stay ahead in physical cargo operations with deadline alerts and demurrage claims monitoring.

2. Advanced Risk Reporting & Controls

Make informed decisions with detailed, customisable reporting. Access daily, monthly, and yearly P&L data in real-time. Manage risk exposure confidently with forward pricing and credit utilisation tracking.

3. Powerful Risk Management Tools and Integration

Monitor your portfolio against risk thresholds using limits tracking. Model complex pricing scenarios with full disaggregation. Enhance data protection with a configurable security matrix.

With the right CTRM/ETRM system, not only can you manage your risk exposure and streamline your processes, you can also tighten your internal controls and simplify the complexities between trading, operations and all the other departments.

CoreTRM offers a 14-day instant trial, granting you access to our core functionality within seconds. Take the first step toward optimised trading operations by starting your trial today.