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Operations : Matching Buy/Sell Deal (Box Version)
Matching Buy Sell Deal

To match a Buy and Sell deal, go to Operations and then to the Operations-> Voyage/MTM Group tab.

Buy and Sell deal can be matched by dragging a Transaction found under one MTM groups and dropping it into the another MTM group.

1. Select the MTM Group of the contract you wish to match. You can select either the Buy contract or the Sell Contract.

2. From the Transactions View/Grid, click and hold the transaction.

Operations Drag Transactions

3. While holding the transaction, drag the transaction to the opposite contract MTM Group. If you are holding the buy transactios, drag the transactions to the sell contract MTM Group and vice versa.

Operations Drag Transactions 2

4. Then release the hold so that the transaction drop inside the MTM Group.

5. Next, there should be only one the MTM Group left after the drag action.

6. When you select the destination MTM Group, the matched Buy and Sell deal should appear as follows:

Operations Drag Transactions 3

Vessel Name and Voyage Reference Update

Operations Vessel Voyage Ref Update.png

From Voyage/MTM Group Tab:

1. Click on Edit Button to start editing.

2. In Container, select the applicable container for the voyage.

3. In Voyage Reference, enter applicable voyage reference number.

4. Click Save Button to confirm update.