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Price Data : Exchange Rates

To add a new exchange rate go to Price Data and then to the Exchange Rates tab.

Exchange rates can be added to the system. The system will use the exchange rate in this table if no specific exchange rate is entered in the transactions or fees.

Setup New Exchange Rates

Price Data Exchange Rates

To add a exchange rate:

1. Click on New Button to create a new line.

2. In Date, select the date in which the exchange rate is applied to.

3. In Currency Code, select the From currency. Normally it will be USD since the system based currency is USD.

4. In Exchange Rate, enter the exchange rate. The exchange rate will be from the "Currency code" to the "Exchange Currency Code".

5. In Exhange Curency Code, select the to currency.

6. Click Save Button to confirm creation.

7. To edit exchange rate details after creation, Click Edit Button to edit.