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To setup a new container go to Reference Data and then to the Container tab.

In CoreTRM, container may refers to Barge, Pipeline, Refinery, Storage Tank, Train, Truck or Vessel.

Setup New Container


To set up a new container:

  1. Click on New Button to create a new line.
  2. In Container Name, enter the name of the container.
  3. In Container Description, enter description of the container.
  4. In Container Type, select the appropriate type of container from the drop-down list.
  5. In IMO Number, enter the IMO number if it is applicable.
  6. In Container Sub Type, select the appropriate container sub type if it is applicable.
  7. *Container Sub type if mainly applicable to container type vessel.*

  8. In DWT, enter the applicable DWT.*Applicable to Vessel*
  9. In Active?, tick the box to set the container active.
  10. Click Save Button to confirm creation.
  11. To edit container details after creation, Click Edit Button to edit.

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