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Reference Data : Fee Type

To setup a new fee type go to Reference Data and then to the Fee Type tab.

Setup New Fee Type

Reference Data Fee Type

To set up a new fee type:

1. Click on New Button to create a new line.

2. In Fee Class, select the applicable Fee Class.

List of Fee Class are Ancillary, Primary, Secondary, Balance Position and Commodity Group.

*Balance Position and Commodity Group are system used fee class.*

3. In Fee Type, enter the name of the fee type.

4. In Fee Type Description, enter applicable fee type description associated with the location.

5. In Position Type, it is used by fee class Commodity Group and Balance Position. For Fee class Ancillary, Primary and Secondary, Position Type is not needed.

6. In Default Demurrage Fee Type?, tick the box to set that this fee type is associated with a Demurrage Fee.

7. In For Percent of Freight Calc?, tick the box to set that this fee type is used to calculate a percentage based on another fee type freight.

8. In Fee Type to bring Total Profit to Zero?, tick the box to set that this fee type is used by the system to automatically create a balance fee value in a strategy to set the strategy p&l to zero.

9. Click Save Button to confirm creation.

10. To edit fee type details after creation, Click Edit Button to edit.