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To setup a new incoterms go to Reference Data and then to the Incoterms tab.

In CoreTRM, currencies are used across the entire system.

Setup New Incoterms

Reference Data Incoterms

To set up a new Incoterms:

  1. Click on New Button to create a new line.
  2. In Incoterms Code, enter the code of the incoterms.
  3. In Incoterms Name, enter the name of the incoterms.
  4. In Incoterms Description, enter the description of the incoterms.
  5. In Actual Quantity Event, this is used to determine the Transaction Effective Start Date and End Date by the System. If the Commodity Group is Physical then it will look for the event on Actuals. If the "Actual Quantity Event" is not found the Effective Start date/End Date will use the Nominated Date or Transaction Date.
  6. Click Save Button to confirm creation.
  7. To edit incoterm details after creation, Click Edit Button to edit.

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