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RM Dashboard Strategies

To view strategies, go to Risk Management and then to the RM Dashboard -> Strategies tab.

Strategies can be created in this tab. In addition, MTM Group can be moved from one Strategies to another in this tab.

Creating Strategies

RM Dashboard Strategies

To create a new strategy:

  1. Click on New Button to create a new line.
  2. In Book, select the book where the strategy will be created in.
  3. In Strategy, enter the name of the strategy.
  4. In Activity Type, select the activity type of the strategy. This is for information only.
  5. In Status, select the status of the strategy.
  6. In Activity Month, select an acitivty month if applicable. When an activity month is selected, the profit and loss of this strategy will be reported in this month instead of pricing month. This will also require addtional setup in reporting before the report will display correctly. Contact CoreTRM support for help.
  7. Click Save Button to confirm creation.
  8. To edit strategy details after creation, Click Edit Button to edit.
To Move MTM Group from one Strategy to another Strategy

Each MTM Group can contained one or more transactions(contract).

To move a MTM Group from one strategy to another:

  • Search and select the strategy you wish to move the MTM Group from.
  • RM Dashboard Move Strategy

  • Go to Strategy MTM Group view/grid and select the MTM Group that needs to be move.
  • RM Dashboard Move Strategy MTM Groups

  • Press and hold the MTM Group from Step 2 and drag it to the destination MTM Group.
  • RM Dashboard Move Strategy MTM Groups To Strategy

  • After you have move the MTM Group to the destination Strategy, it will display like below when you select the destination strategy.
  • RM Dashboard Move Strategy MTM Groups To Strategy Done

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